The 2014 Holiday River Parade

Fall is here and while we have not made it to Halloween yet, we are getting lots of inquiries about this year’s Holiday River Parade.  The parade is put on by the Paseo del Rio Association and is the signature event of the year on the Riverwalk.  It is held every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  This year that falls on Friday November 28th.  The parade begins at 7pm when Mayor Taylor will flip the switch and light the Riverwalk with hundreds of thousands of beautiful lights.  It is a wonderful event viewed by people in person and on television across the country.

There are several ways you can come down and view the parade.  We are frequently asked, “can’t we just come downtown and view the parade from a bridge or other spot?”  Yes in theory you can but remember that thousands of other people will be trying to do that as well.  The crowds start appearing very early in the day.  The most comfortable ways to view the Holiday River Parade are either by purchasing seating from the Paseo del Rio Association, or by reserving space at one of our great restaurants.

The Paseo del Rio Association offers reserved parade seats at many locations along the Riverwalk.  Tickets start as low as $15 per person for the general admission section.  Many people prefer to watch the parade from one of our great Riverwalk DSC07833LighterCroppedrestaurants.  All the restaurants will have parade viewing packages that include seating, food and beverage options.  Watching from a Riverwalk restaurant is a great way to see the event.  Your group or family can share a meal, have some beverages and watch the beautiful parade floats go by.  If you have a large group or organization that would like to have a parade party, many of the restaurants have private viewing areas that can be reserved as well.

Either way you view the parade, you are going to love it!  It marks the beginning of the Christmas and Holiday season and is a great way to get it all started.  For more information on attending the parade and for a map of the route, just click on the link below.  We look forward to seeing you!


Fright Fest at Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a big hit!

We had the pleasure of previewing Fright Fest at Six Flags Fiesta Texas last Friday night and it was so much fun!  You will love the multiple haunted houses, in addition to the great rides and shows they feature.  It is an October tradition you really don’t want to miss.  If you love the scary season at this time of year, make a trip to Fright Fest.  You will love it!  If you plan on heading to Fright Fest be sure and use our $15 off per person printable coupon that is good for up to  4 people.  Find it at the link below.  Just click print and save!

Fright Fest

Fright Fest at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Riverwalk Dining Cruises

Seeing the Riverwalk on a dining cruise is a great way to have fun with friends and enjoy the sights.  There are a couple of ways you can do it.  Many people have a group that wants to go so they want to do a private/chartered dinner cruise.  To do that you first contact a Riverwalk restaurant and then they assist you in chartering the barge and cater the event for you.  A barge configured for dining holds a maximum of 20 people but most recommend 16-18 for comfort.  Lots of restaurants will do a dining cruise but some are much better at it than others.  If you are interested in doing one, just send us an email at  We will be happy to answer your questions, and send your information out so restaurants can contact you directly to go over your options.

The other option is to do a “community” dining cruise where you join others on a boat.  They are done of Friday and Saturday nights.  For more information on Riverwalk dining cruises just visit the link below.

Some groups prefer to do a cocktail or a cruise with drinks and appetizers.  Those of course can be done as well but only on a private/charter basis.  There are no “community” cocktail cruises.  We frequently get asked if people can just bring their own food and drinks on a barge and do their dinner cruise that way.  The answer of course is no, it has to be done through a restaurant or catering company.  A dining cruise is a really fun way to see the river and have a great time.  If you still have questions just email us and we will help you out.  You will love it!

Riverwalk dining cruise.

Riverwalk dining cruise.